What do innovations in the space of humanitarian learning look like?
Humanitarian Leadership Academy
Chatbots, Virtual Reality, Humanitarianism

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy and Quicksand’s engagement has seen collaboration on the creation of different innovative tools and resources for learning in the humanitarian sector. Each project seeks to build a case for a new approach to learning, facilitated by elements of gamification, storytelling, and technology.

Gamification was explored as an approach to create experiences that catered to more nuanced learning objectives, which may not be adequately catered to by traditional learning models. The workshop focussed on formats like role-playing, group-based activities, and self- directed learning.

Immersive VR films allowed users to more vividly imagine contexts and narratives, immersive films were experimented with to capture certain aspects of humanitarian work.

Leveraging chatbot technology and its ability to tailor engagement to the user’s unique context, an iterative model was built to experiment with and test its use in a variety of capacities.