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UPSHIFT Social Innovation Curriculum / 2018 / work

Curriculum to facilitate social innovation projects to help entrepreneurial adolescents create social impact in Tajikistan

Rise of Indian Digital Heritage / 2018 / writing

Digital Heritage is an important component of cultural identity, here's why

Just Another Grocery Run / 2018 / 2018

a brief description of events on the way to pick up groceries

Goa Heritage Project / 2018 / work

Documenting and disseminating various aspects of Goan heritage and culture

Bambaiyya VR / 2018 / work

Engaging with the culture and heritage of Mumbai through immersive media

Gaming Youtube's Algorithms / 2018 / writing

Unravelling the workings of the Youtube algorithm

Stealing Headlines from the Internet / 2018 / writing

Committing crimes of a digital variety