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FIG, a GIF Festival / 2022 / work

An online + offline exhibit celebrating the power of the GIF

Speculative Sunday / 2019 / work

A day of hands on workshops at EyeMyth to visualise radical cultural futures for India

The Speculative Design Workshop / 2019 / work

Helping MSF to strategise and plan the future direction of the organisation using speculative design practices

Love in the Time of Digital / 2019 / work

Framework to help ASRH organisations leverage digital platforms to enhance interventions

Future of Generative Art / 2019 / writing

Making a case for generative art becoming the dominant art movement of the future

Data of a Third Kind / 2019 / writing

Explorations in audio reactive generative art

UNCDF FinLab Toolkit / 2019 / work

HCD toolkit to help fintech startups make their offerings relevant for the B40 customer segment

The Mac is dead. Long live the Mac. / 2019 / writing

(Accurately) Predicting the Mac moving to Apple Silicon