Salil Parekh

FIG, a GIF Festival


An online + offline exhibit celebrating the power of the GIF


Co-creator and Developer


EyeMyth Media Arts Festival

FIG is an ONLINE + OFFLINE exhibit celebrating the power of the GIF. It is a small part of a larger study on the evolving internet expressions of our age – freshly incubated at the Eyemyth Festival 2019.

The FIG website

As a part of the EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, FIG was a showcase of GIF's from artists around the world on the theme: The Loss of Creativity.


An open call for submissions was received with enthusiasm from the GIF community, with submissions on display on all digital screens at the Festival and online. The website, just like a GIF, loops infinitely!

The online gallery

A submission from Anisha Thampy

A small excerpt from a piece I wrote for the

"It is for this reason that a few of us within Quicksand, decided to create a space for Gif creators to showcase their work. The platform is called FIG, and was launched a few months ago. FIG’s mission is to celebrate the creation of Gifs by designers, illustrators, artists, writers and creators of all kinds. We opened up calls for submissions on the theme of ‘The Loss of Creativity’ and we received around forty amazing entries. This is just the beginning for the platform, and we hope to do a lot more for Gif creators. The team behind FIG are creators who love making Gifs using diverse digital and analogue techniques, and we wish to reach out to other creators who feel equally passionate about them.""