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Haboob / 2022 / work

Haboob is a VR film which tells the story of a Sudanese girl’s experience of a haboob, or sandstorm, in Khartoum which leaves a profound and lingering memory.

Visualisation of Air Traffic through Creative Coding / 2022 / writing

Using creative coding to create dynamic views of air traffic

New Growth Platforms for Automotive Brands / 2022 / writing

Strategising the future of automotive brands

Do Curtains Dream at Night? / 2022 / work

Curtains hallucinating all that they see during the day

My house is ill! / 2022 / work

Immersive exhibition set in a flat in Delhi to illuminate air pollution within indoor spaces

FIG, a GIF Festival / 2022 / work

An online + offline exhibit celebrating the power of the GIF

Heliotropic Horology / 2022 / work

Imagining a radical new way of keeping time, defined by a sunflower

Responsive Muslin / 2022 / work

Reactive textiles created with electronics and e-textiles to explore interactivity with muslin