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Pixelcryption / 2020 / work

Encrypting messages within images using pixel-level cryptography

Aesthetics/Politics of Republic TV and the Toyota AE86 Trueno / 2020 / writing

Thoughts on the weaponisation of aesthetics

Museum of Salil / 2020 / play

Autobiographical storytelling through a game

Sky Globe / 2020 / play

Visualising the traffic in the skies

Lockdown Doors / 2020 / play

A week in a lockdown, expressed through doors

Helf and Caree / 2020 / writing

Zine created under the creative direction of a loony machine learning model

Air Pollution Landscape of India / 2020 / work

Investigating the state of air pollution in India

Accessible Financial Planning / 2020 / work

Creating safe and trustful journeys for investors across the spectrum