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Visualisation of Air Traffic through Creative Coding / 2022 / writing

Using creative coding to create dynamic views of air traffic

New Growth Platforms for Automotive Brands / 2022 / writing

Strategising the future of automotive brands

Economics of Video Games / 2021 / writing

Speedrunners and Economists have much more in common than you might think

I Have Nothing to Hide / 2021 / writing

Musings on India's soon to be operational Social Registry information System, originally published in Dark Data

Aesthetics/Politics of Republic TV and the Toyota AE86 Trueno / 2020 / writing

Thoughts on the weaponisation of aesthetics

Helf and Caree / 2020 / writing

Zine created under the creative direction of a loony machine learning model

Future of Generative Art / 2019 / writing

Making a case for generative art becoming the dominant art movement of the future

Data of a Third Kind / 2019 / writing

Explorations in audio reactive generative art

The Mac is dead. Long live the Mac. / 2019 / writing

(Accurately) Predicting the Mac moving to Apple Silicon

Rise of Indian Digital Heritage / 2018 / writing

Digital Heritage is an important component of cultural identity, here's why

Gaming Youtube's Algorithms / 2018 / writing

Unravelling the workings of the Youtube algorithm

Stealing Headlines from the Internet / 2018 / writing

Committing crimes of a digital variety

Toolkits and Dissemination / 2017 / writing

Breaking away from an obsession with toolkits